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My creations are inspired by the natural gemstones created by nature.

For 5 years I was an avid “collector of beads”, my favorites were natural gemstones, totally captivated
by the natural beauty and shopping for what was “pretty”. Over the years I would revisit my growing
collection, which grew from small bags of beads to bins. Eventually I bought sorting trays, filling each
tray with like colors. Still no idea of what to make out of them, but continued to collect beads. Hopeful
someday to have that great idea fall from the sky.

My first step forward happened when one of the shops I bought beads from was teaching classes.
Terms like a crimp, or findings were a mystery to me, and do you string your beads on sewing thread.
My sister and I decided to take a beginners class. I was hopeful of inspiration, my sister was also hopeful
that I would get a great idea and run with it. The class was an important stepping stone, it
demonstrated how much money you can throw away on the wrong tools and supplies. The first class
taught the basics of finishing a sting of beads. After two more classes on different techniques, wearable
pieces begin to evolve. Believe me there were still kinks in the road, experimenting and asking fellow
artist helped.

Sometime in 2011 the three strand design inspiration came to me. It did require a few tweaks and after
making a few samples, to my delight positive feedback was happening from friends and family, they
loved my necklace. Wearing my pieces in public got a great reception too. This built my confidence
enough that I finally had a product that is pretty enough to share with others. My many years of
collecting beads were finally getting out of a dark closet, (be free, be free) and being used to make
beautiful jewelry. From there my pile of beads became a pile of 3 strand necklaces. Color combinations
were a challenge for me, solved by a simple color wheel. I also learned gemstone colors are limited, stick
to natural, unless you want a colored neck from dyed stones. Not good for business.

To ensure affordable jewelry, searching out gemstone beads, pearls and crystals is a challenge. So I visit
many gem shows where you can touch the beads, which I prefer, or local and international internet
sites, for the most part you get what you see online.