If the ring I ordered doesn’t fit, will you adjust the size for me?

The rings are one size and made to fit one of your fingers, if this is not the case they make very nice gifts for a friend.

My friend ordered a piece of jewelry I liked, how can I get one like it?

The key word here is “like”, most of the time if I have the gemstones available the same piece can be made, or something very close to it. You can send me a request on the contact page.

Do you take custom request for jewelry?

Sure, contact me and let me know what you have in mind.

Why can’t I order more than one of an item in your store?

All my pieces are one of a kind. That way your best friend isn’t wearing your special piece on the same day as you are.

Is your jewelry available in any stores?

My sales for the past 5 years have mostly been festivals. I am hoping to branch out to local boutiques soon.

Are your display scarves for sale?

Yes, although some are one of a kind.

What do you string your gemstone on?

My favorite for several years is a nine strand woven wire which is and Teflon coated. Very durable and resist kinking.

Can earrings be ordered in non-pierced style?

Yes, contact me after ordering and I will change style for you.

Not finding the answer you seek?

Feel free to contact me.